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Alkmaarse Weer- en Sterrenkundige Vereniging Metius



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Gerard Hoogeland ©2004

  It's amazing simple to produce quite interesting images from the night sky. A photograph shows so much more than can be seen by the naked eye. All you need is a cheap camera of the reflex type, a couple of lenses and a mechanism to track the stars. I intend to add more images in time.
    The constellation Orion.

A tracked 5 minutes exposure on a 100 ASA standard color slide film.
Lens: 29 mm 4.0
The light pollution on the left comes from the village Castricum in the neighbourhood.

  Magnification of the same exposure showing the belt and sword of Orion.
The orion nebulea is clearly visible.

foto's en teksten ©2004 Gerard Hoogeland